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>> absolutely. yes. there has to be a reason to get up in the morning because it can't possibly be the fog and low clouds. but that's what we have for today. the usual slick streets out there to start out with. the numbers warmer than yesterday. we have a bit of a slick forecast coming up. first let's see what's new in traffic. >> yeah. be careful of slick roads. but so far, so good on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> thank you. here we go. it is 4:30 now. bart and the unions are $100 million apart. they will get back to negotiations this morning and kpix 5's linda yee went to find out if they are so far apart after all these months, how can they possibly reach any deal at all? >> what an unreasonable -- >> reporter: it was a chance to air their grievances. bart management and the unions clarifying what's been going on in talks that started last april. what was clear? they are about $100 million
4:31 am
apart in pay and pension issues. public policy advocates the bay area council says that's shocking! >> a little bit flabbergasted by the -- how big a divide there is between bart and the unions. >> reporter: in fact, the council says bart's proposals are fair and the unions should take the contract and start paying into their pensions. findings from the hearing will go to the governor, who could then impose a 60-day cooling- off period for more negotiating time. bart wants that. the unions say that's not necessary. one of the board members didn't agree. >> i'm surprised to hear you say it could be achieved sunday night. >> reporter: one former bart director and now retired judge has an idea of how to settle it and it's not what commuters want to hear. >> i think the resolution will come if they strike. the resolution will come because the public will be heard. >> reporter: that's going to
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happen, you think? >> yes. >> reporter: strike is inevitable and when the public gets mad, it's going to get solved? >> yes. somebody will wise up. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> the governor is expected to decide by sunday whether to order a 60-day cooling-off period. >> 4:32. oakland police think a father who was killed along with his young son was targeted. a small memorial of balloons, teddy bears and candles sit in front of the east oakland house where they were killed yesterday morning. 20-year-old andrew thomas and his son drew jackson were in town from fresno to celebrate a relative's birthday. they were sleeping in a back bedroom when police say somebody snuck into the backyard and opened fire through a window and a wall. >> pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. like 8 or 9 times. >> i just wish this stops. i don't want, you know, my other cousins to try to retaliate. >> officers believe these killings could be connected to
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saturday's murder of thomas' cousin. oakland police arrested a person in that killing. now, the double shooting is just the latest in a series of unsolved murders in oakland. three weeks ago, 8-year-old alaysha carradine was shot during a sleepover in the diamond district. a week after that 66-year-old judy salamon was shot while driving a car near maxwell park. oakland officials are reviving operation cease-fire in the fight against out of control violence. kpix 5 reporter christin ayers asked the mayor and the police chief about the city's number one crime-fighting plan. reporter: on the day that 1- year-old drew jackson became oakland's youngest homicide victim in at least a decade, the mayor and police chief did what they do when tragedies like this strike. >> we are determined to make the city safer. >> reporter: they talked about yet another public safety plan that hasn't worked for oakland, cease-fire. >> we're going to be calling in some of the people who have been involved in some of the most violent crimes. >> reporter: that was the mayor 11 months ago rolling out the
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program and now -- mayor, with all due respect, we have all seen this happen so many times, so many young children shot and on top of it we keep hearing about these plans to change things and we haven't seen a lot change. what is oakland's centerpiece plan to address young children being killed? >> we plan to continue with cease-fire until we have hauled in the 300 most violent people in the city. it doesn't happen in one round. >> reporter: why hasn't it been fully funded at this point? why have we been waiting so long? it's been months? >> i think -- >> let me just say, so, cease- fire is absolutely my number one strategy for reducing violent crimes, shootings and murders in this town. >> reporter: but we found out cease-fire is not being run like the city's number one strategy. there is no permanent director. and the few officers who have been running cease-fire have only been doing it part time. chief sean whent says that will change. >> i'm able to dedicate a full- time enforcement team to cease-
4:35 am
fire to make sure the police department meets our end of the program. >> reporter: in the meantime both the mayor and police officer say they are working with teams, that east oakland nonprofit youth uprising, to start a youth-based safety program. those teams say they want to be optimistic. >> when this is all said and done, when the cameras are packed up and the microphones are put away, then, you know, i don't know how much hope that's going to be. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> now, police will work to get young people to speak up when they hear of crimes that are likely to happen. oakland police say they have used operation cease-fire to basically dismantle two gangs. the case gang and the "money team." but oakland's homicide rate is still very close to what it was last year. friends and family are stepping up their search for a missing woman. they spent much of yesterday putting up pictures of 50-year- old sandra coke. she was last seen at her north oakland home on sunday night. investigators say she may have been investigating a tip about her dog that was abducted
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during a burglary in may. coke's car was found at an apartment complex parking lot on monday night. >> a truly painful, painful thing to have somebody who you love and who has family members who depend on her just disappear. it is just unthinkable. >> sandra coke is an investigator for the federal defenders office. her coworkers do not think her line of work has anything to do with her disappearance. the amber alert for a missing teenager and murder suspect has spread to oregon and washington. oregon state police say there have been two possible sightings of james dimaggio's blue nissan versa. investigators believe 16-year- old hannah anderson is with him. a friend of the teen says dimaggio recently said he had a crush on hannah. dimaggio is suspected of killing hannah's mother, her body found in the burned rubble of dimaggio's san diego county
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home. a child's body was also found. it's unknown if it's hannah's younger brother. firefighters are battling a fast-moving wildfire in riverside county. huge flames lighting up the night sky as you can see. the fire has burned 9 square miles in the san jacinto mountains near banning. a dozen buildings are damaged or destroyed including some homes. 1500 people have been evacuated in several communities. >> we tried to get out. we were all packed up and tried to get out but we didn't get to the end of the road. >> two firefighters and another person were hurt but as of this morning, there are no details available about their conditions. 4:37. and brian is here with us for a check of the weather. it's going to warm up, right? >> it is. >> that's the deal? >> it is. it's just a little bit at a time. it's not going to be dramatic unfortunately. but by this time on tuesday, we are going to be close to 90 but that's again tuesday. that's the warmest spots inland. in the meantime, we are heading out the door this thursday morning with readings near 60.
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it's about 3 to 5 degrees warmer this morning than the past couple of days. but we still have some drizzle out there especially near the shoreline. so we'll get clouds around the bay and inland until about mid- morning today. forecast highs as this low continues to spin over the bay area, it's just going to keep us cool, temperatures relatively cool but in the east bay not bad. 75 concord. 77 fairfield. and in redwood city, 74 today. we'll have the extended forecast and some good news on the horizon but first, let's see if there's good news in the traffic department. >> not good news if you live or commute anywhere near calistoga. we have highway 29 shut down for several blocks right there between greenwood and tubbs. there was a telephone pole that fell down in the roadway and both directions of highway 29 are blocked right now. they are working to clean it up but it was first reported just after 2:30 this morning. let's take you outside and show you a live look at some of our traffic cameras around the bay area. here's a live look into oakland. this morning, between
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embarcadero and 23rd you will find more overnight roadwork. that's in the northbound direction. again, southbound 880 more overnight roadwork and lanes blocked as you approach davis street. a quick check of the golden gate bridge, where once again the roads are slick this morning. just a heads up if you are coming into san francisco across the golden gate. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:39. antioch police have arrested a man accused of kidnapping a woman from a kmart parking lot. 43-year-old kevin harvey is a registered sex offender. the woman told police he used a gun to force her into a car and sexually assault her monday afternoon. she was able to escape and call for help. harvey is being held on $1.4 million bail. other bay area headlines now. west nile virus is back in the bay area's largest county. a woman is the first human case in santa clara county in two years. she was hospitalized last month and is now recovering at home. the virus is transmitted to humans and animals through bites of infected mosquitos.
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there have been 14 cases in california this year. two of them deadly. and the louis vuitton cup semifinals are under way and the italian team is showing its dominance. hundreds gathered along pier 39 to watch luna rosa battle sweden's team artemis yesterday. luna rosa won yesterday and is now leading 2-0 in the best-of- seven series. the first time with four wins advances to the finals against new zealand. someone in the south bay is waking up $289,000 richer this morning. coughing there. it wasn't me, i can tell you. a powerball ticket that matched five numbers but not the powerball was sold at a shell station on the lawrence expressway in sunnyvale. as for the $448 million jackpot, well, three tickets across the country matched those numbers. two were sold in new jersey. and one was sold in minnesota. and just in case you want to take a peek, your lucky numbers are 5, 25, 30, 58 and 59.
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the big powerball number is 32. 4:40. the bay area gets a taste of shark week. where this little guy was spotted. >> a couple of months ago the city of san jose sued major league baseball for not letting the as move here. well, the league lawyers are fighting back with their own court filing. i'm kitdo . we have the details coming up. -- i'm kiet do. we have the details coming up. ,, [ female announcer ] jump-start your day with mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed
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of creepy behavior. here's t of a voice mail message he reportedly left one woman, e still in congress. "eldonna, hi. it's your new two more women are accusing san diego mayor bob filner of creepy behavior. he is part of a voicemail message he reportedly left one woman while still in congress. >> hi, it's you newly favorite congressman bob filner. uhm, you know, the one who fell in love with you at your last speech? >> the woman says she met him at a sexual assault survivors group for women in the military. fernandez is a retired us air force master sergeant. she and other veterans say
4:44 am
filner preyed on the women, made unwanted vans and even groped them. >> he didn't have our backs. he was looking at our backs. >> he had our fronts. >> it's wrong. why would you come here with us and do what you did? why? is it a turn-on? >> 13 women have now accused filner of sexual harassment. he is now on a two-week treatment program and has no plans to resign. president obama back in d.c. this morning following his first visit to camp pendleton. the president spoke to thousands in southern california and praised the 9/11 generation for their work in afghanistan and iraq. marines, sailors and their families say the president's speech reassured them the years of repeat deployments are finally ending. fruit flies have the potential to destroy california's agriculture industry. an entomologist from uc-davis is making that warning and urging the state to do something about it. in a new study, james carey says fruit flies are permanently established in our
4:45 am
state and they are spreading. he says even though there are not too many of these crop killers, the state needs to change its strategy to control the population. state agriculture leaders disagree and say their eradication efforts are effective. the clarity of lake tahoe has improved for the second year in a row but scientists say rising surface temperatures and dwindling snow levels are taking a toll on the water clarity at the lake. they have been tracking the lake's clarity since 1968 when you could city as far as 102 feet down. over the years, warmer weather, which produces algae, clouded the water. last year you could see down 75 feet. that's a 6-foot improvement from the year before. still the most beautiful place on the planet, gorgeous. >> they have the seismologists out there looking -- doing some deep diving to try to locate the earthquake fault that underlies lake tahoe. isn't that something? >> couple of thousand feed? >> good question. >> next weather hit. >> we'll check it with ken bastida. the numbers this morning are
4:46 am
mostly in the low 60s with temperatures today a little warmer than yesterday and that's going to keep the game time cool tonight. 62 degrees. the 49ers are playing tonight. i don't know if you heard, at candlestick, airing on channel 5 at 6:00 tonight so tune in and if you are going to the game, bundle up. 59 degrees for concord. 61 at oakland. livermore 61. san francisco 59. and san jose 62 degrees. also this weekend you think about something to do, it would be nice and sunny if you want to thaw out at the sonoma county fair forecast high there of 72 degrees. for us, we have low pressure that's moving in finally this low that's been offshore for so long beginning to push inland right a little bit north of the bay area. what comes in after the low will be building high pressure from this high in the desert southwest. and as that establishes itself over the weekend, we are going to be looking for, let me see, frank -- oh, that's very nice. thank you.
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tahoe is 1,645 feet deep. thank you, mr. mallicoat. [ laughter ] >> because you know what? if you hadn't googled it, i would. 73 at vallejo. 62 in san francisco and 74 at redwood city. 73 in san jose. the extended forecast looking nice, maybe a little visit to tahoe. the numbers will be warming up inland by sunday and monday in the mid-80s. the extended forecast for tuesday and wednesday will be near 90 degrees. so finally a warming trend for the bay area. but hang in, it's going to be cool today and tomorrow. there's weather. here's elizabeth to traffic. >> going to tahoe next week. excited! all right. now i know how deep it is. let's go out live to the san mateo bridge where everything is actually moving along okay at 4:47 this morning. we don't have a lot of huge incidents on the road, not very surprising. but westbound 92 is a 15-minute drive time, maybe even 14 minutes to take you out of hayward towards foster city. towards the nimitz freeway now, so because we're before 4:00, a lot of overnight roadwork is still out there. so including northbound 880
4:48 am
between embarcadero and high street various lanes blocked and if you are commuting southbound it's once you get closer to san leandro we have various lanes blocked approaching davis. the roads are also a little slick. it's a little bit of drizzle out there. so just be a little extra careful, as well. we do have one issue. it's a telephone pole down and the road is blocked up in napa county. highway 29 between greenwood and tubbs in calistoga. chp says traffic is so light so there's no issue but you are being diverted off the road at greenwood. your travel times for the east bay are so far in the clear if you are traveling through the altamont pass. 16 minutes coming down the eastshore freeway so far no brake lights through berkeley all the way towards the macarthur maze. and mass transit nothing really to note and we just checked in with bart as well and they have 27 trains and they're all on time. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> okay, liz. thanks. 4:48. we are going to take a live look at the silver fire burning
4:49 am
right now down in riverside county in the san jacinto mountains down there not too far out of palm springs, that kind of area. it burned at least 6,000 acres so far near the town of banning. 9 square miles, a dozen buildings have been burned, others are in its path right now. 1500 people have been forced out of their homes and as you can see, they have a lot of work to do. we'll keep an eye on that. 4:49 now. and major league baseball wants a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the city of san jose. kpix 5's kiet do has the latest on the battle over the as' planned move to the south bay. >> reporter: after four years of staying mostly silent about the as's move to san jose, major league baseball talks sort of. league lawyers filed a motion to dismiss san jose's lawsuit. it says the business of baseball is exempt from the antitrust laws as it has been since 1922 and the city's
4:50 am
claims are fatally defective. san jose's attorney calls it a moral issue. >> can major league baseball block a competitor in this country from relocating his business simply because someone else says we don't want them to move? >> reporter: back in june, the city sued the league claiming commissioner bud selig is illegally blocking the as' move. the as want to build a new stadium in san jose but the south bay is giants territory. the league says if san jose wins its lawsuit then every time a team wanted to move it would lead to absurd results. mlb would be subjected to suits from any team that desires a team and from any city that doesn't want to lose its team. >> not what the competitive laws say. that's not what the antitrust laws say for any other business in america. baseball shouldn't be treated differently. >> reporter: and so this 14- acre lot in midtown san jose where the stadium would go has
4:51 am
pretty much been unchanged the past four years. they will be in federal court in october. kiet do, kpix 5. >> the judge is expected to hear the issue in early october. as owner lew wolff is not part of the lawsuit against major league baseball. more companies will come out with their 2nd quarter earnings reports today. disappointing results from several companies yesterday led stocks to its first three-day drop since the month of june. the dow dropped 48 points and the nasdaq finished almost 12 points lower. so it's been a tough week. americans set a record though for borrowing money. the federal reserve says we borrowed more than $2.8 trillion back in june. it wasn't all put on plastic, either. much of the money was in loans for homes and cars and college tuition. at the same time americans cut their credit cart debt by $2.7 billion. younger adults are buying fewer cars. automakers say the number of 18 to 34-year-olds buying cars has dropped by more than 2% over the past five years. the auto industry believes
4:52 am
those numbers will improve as the economy gets better. 4:51. coming up a shark spotted right in the san francisco bay. but this guy is not what it seems. also ahead -- >> all of a sudden along came these superheros and it was as though the readers couldn't get enough of them. >> fans waiting in long lines to meet the creator of spider- man. his connection to the bay area comic bookstore. ,, ,,,,,,
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it guides you to a number that will change your life: your sleep number setting. it will give you the soundest sleep you've ever had. it's a bed so intuitive it even knows you by name. now it's easier than ever to experience deep, restful sleep with our advanced dualair technology you'll only find in a sleep number bed. at the simple touch of a button, the sleep number mattress adjusts to your ideal level of comfort and support, with exceptional pressure relief on each side.
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4:55 am
take. >> it was kind of cruising along these pilings over here. i could see the top of the fin and back of the tail and just kind of swimming along. really cool thing to see. >> reporter: could you mistake it for a great white? >> i could definitely see how someone could make that mistake. >> we were brought some photographs here. it was initially thought to be a great white. none of our biologists had a chance to actually see the animal. the animal in question upon closer inspection of the photographs appears to be salmon shark which is very closely related to great whites. and they're also commonly seen here in the bay. >> reporter: while the salmon shark is related to the great white, it is not a man-eater. >> would have scared me! try to explain this. the dead shark was found on a new york city subway overnight. the guy who took the photo says it was still wet, had blood on its mouth. was it maybe a shark week stunt? the discovery channel says nope. it wasn't them. a little ominous, though. >> a little bit, yeah. >> weird in new york. >> where's the water?
4:56 am
the. >> exactly. dozens of people lined up to meet the man behind marvel comics in the bay area. >> family is the walt disney for this era. >> some say it was like meeting michael jordan, others say it was like meeting bruce lee. usually stan lee appears at conventions but yesterday he was in concord at joe field's flying colors comics. it's a place he helped launch and a place that brings back memories. i remember when he opened this shop and i felt very sentimental about coming again. >> lee spent about three hours signing autographs for fans before heading to the giants game. >> too bad they didn't win. mr. spider-man, there. 4:56. a fast-moving wildfire growing in southern california. the forced evacuations in effect this morning. coming up. >> reporter: and negotiations resume this morning between bart management and its unions. coming up, we'll tell you why the two sides appear to be as far apart as ever. ,,
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look at 'em.
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at least a dozen -- at least a dozen homes that we've seen on fire. >> an out-of-control wildfire burns thousands of acres in southern california. >> it needs to stop. >> oakland searches for answers in the killing of a baby and father. >> we are determined to make the city safer. >> and city leaders stand behind their crime-fighting plan. >> this is my number one strategy for reducing violent crimes, shootings and murders in this town. >> a little bit flabbergasted by how big a divide there is between bart and the unions. >> eye opens new numbers on the bart negotiations. >> the talks have deteriorated so much that they both can't even agree on how far apart they are. >> reporter: major league baseball plays hardball with san jose. >> and so this 14-acre lot in midtown san jose where the stadium would go has pretty
5:00 am
much been unchanged the past four years. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's thursday, august 8. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning. i'm juliette goodrich. michelle griego is off. it is 5:00. a look at weather and traffic. we'll start with brian first. >> hi, juliette. good morning to you. thanks for coming by kpix 5 this morning. we're starting out with numbers warmer than yesterday morning. around 60 degrees. 62 in san jose. 60 at oakland and 58 in concord. we're looking for some sun could come out this afternoon especially inland. it will remain cool and breezy near the shoreline. there is drizzle this morning but there's prospects for things warming up in the next few days. we'll have the entire forecast in a few minutes. first, let's get an update on the road ahead. hey, liz. >> thank you, brian. there is drizzle to cop tend with out there so the roads are kind of wet especially in some parts of the bay area. so just a heads up if you are about to start off on your morning drive. here's a

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